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Submit original articles, original anecdotes, and original cartoons to focuseditor@edft698.org. Articles should mention your particular building, and should be union related or education related. Pictures are always welcome and usually will NOT be returned.

Articles must be word processed using traditional UPPER AND LOWER CASE Helvetica font 12 point and double spaced. Fax or copies of articles cannot be used, so please submit the original. The author's name must appear on the article. Please copy and paste articles into an e-mail document and send it to the above address. Do not send forwards or attach files.

Letters to the editor are accepted at any time. Please follow the directions given above.

All articles should should contribute positively to the welfare of this union and its members. We will accept no attacks on any union leader or member. We will accept a thoughtful discussion of all related issues in the letters column. We reserve the right to reply to those that seem to reflect a misunderstanding of the union and its policies. We reserve the right to change the articles, make corrections, shorten or lengthen articles as space or interpretation demands.

Kevin Kildea, Editor

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