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In addition to serving its teacher and paraprofessional members, EDFT is proud to be a part of the East Detroit Schools and Eastpointe communities. The biggest contribution, of course, is the East Detroit Federation of Teachers Scholarship Trust Fund, Inc. EDFT holds two major events each year to raise money for the scholarship fund. A golf outing is held in the late summer or early fall, and a spaghetti dinner is held each spring. Although the events are sponsored by EDFT, both events have great community participation, both through community businesses contributing door prizes and attendance. Over the years, the scholarship fund has distributed tens of thousands of dollars in scholarships to graduates of East Detroit High School.

Each fall EDFT participates in the East Detroit High School homecoming parade through the community, handing out EDFT imprinted items to parade watchers along the route from the school to the annual game. EDFT further supports East Detroit High School by purchasing advertisements in school publicationsthe yearbook, play programs, and the Shamrock newspaper.

The EDFT president is a member of the Eastpointe Rotary. This organization holds community fundraisers and gives back to the community. Another presence in the community is the EDFT membership in the Eastpointe Chamber of Commerce. We support local vendors with our business whenever we can. EDFT communicates with the local homeowners associations on issues of community interest, and is a member of both K-8 and North of 9 Homeowners Associations. The annual Michigan Week Education Day festivities include an elementary drawing contest for students, a mayor exchange for secondary students, and speakers luncheon which EDFT leadership attends.

This is just a brief summary of the highlights of EDFT community involvement as an organization. As individuals, EDFT members make countless contributions to the lives of children in the East Detroit Schools, making the community of Eastpointe a better place. Educators and More since 1942....

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