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We are the exclusive representative of all certified instructional personnel employed by East Detroit Public Schools including teachers, counselors, social workers, psychologists, nurses and paraprofessionals. It is the Federation's responsibility to negotiate and enforce a contract stipulating all pay, benefits and working conditions for its approximately 400 members. These may be single or multiple year contracts. Our negotiating team consists of the President, Executive Vice President, and four additional Federation members.

Our members' first line of communication are their building representatives: two at each of 8 elementary schools, four at each of two middle schools, eight at the high school, an alternative education and a special education representative. These representatives and the other elected or appointed officers of the union play an active daily role in maintaining the provisions of the contract and helping to solve any problems our membership might encounter as educators in the East Detroit Public Schools.

In addition to these responsibilities, many of our officers and members are active on educational and professional committees at the district, county, and state level. Our members are regular attendees at conferences and committee meetings sponsored by our parent organizations, the American and Michigan Federation of Teachers. In addition, the EDFT is a member of the Eastpointe Chamber of Commerce and local homeowner associations. Our union sponsors a great number of activities for our members and community throughout the year including an extensive scholarship program for graduates of our school district.

We have a long tradition of a "win-win" philosophy in our dealings with our children, our community, and our school district, always trying to work collaboratively toward our goal to guarantee that there is "no better place to learn" than the East Detroit Public Schools, taught by members of the East Detroit Federation of Teachers!

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